About me

Kris O’Daniel is a Danish Dairy Scientist living on a rolling farm in Kentucky interspersed with old-growth trees. Kris used to design process flows for the Dairy Industry worldwide.

Now she is inspired by worn-out logs and slaps cut from trees on the farm, finding their inner strength while respecting their natural flowing lines. 

It’s about finding a proper form and function in harmony with the new healthier version. It’s a fit transformation that gives the wood a new life and purpose.

Why wood?

It started with taking down an 1840 farmhouse and repurposing old slat doors, rafters, and a staircase, all used in a new Barn-house I was building. 

After lots of sanding to get past old milk paint, the original wood would appear ready to celebrate life again.

At the same time, a 200-year-old Red Elm died timely to be used inside my house for cabinetry and smaller furniture.

It left me with gorgeous logs to explore.

That is when I began carving.